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Hawaiian Blend Aloe Vera Gel with Awapuhi

Hawaiian Blend Aloe Vera Gel with Awapuhi Click on image to zoom

Cool the Burn, Save Your Tan

The natural blend of Aloe Vera and Hawaiian Awapuhi creates a soothing, healing gel that helps prevent peeling and saves your tan. Hawaiian Blend Aloe Vera Gel has powerful moisturizing qualities unique to the Hawaiian Islands.

The Miracle of Awapuhi

Originating in Asia, Awapuhi came by canoe with the earliest Polynesian settlers. Part of the Ginger family, Awapuhi has been used as an herbal medicine in the islands for centuries. With regular use, our enriched gel will help prevent peeling. Use on sunburns, jellyfish stings, household burns, insect bites and other skin irritations.

8 Fluid Ounce (237 Milliliter) Bottle

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